Nabakalebara 2015: Rituals for Lord Sudarshan Daru Cutting to begin


Bhubaneswar, April 15: The rituals for cutting the Daru of Lord Sudarshan that has been identified at Gadakuntunia village on the outskirts of Odisha capital will begin today. The Banajaga team members have already arrived in the place.

For cutting the daru, there will be a Maha Yajna for three days. The priests will remain on fast without water for two and half days to complete the rituals with holy mind and body. The Daru will be cut by the weapons of gold, silver and iron. The daru will be taken by Sagadi (bullock cart) made of the Banyan tree wood for Puri on April 20.

The entire area has been barricaded. The public will not be allowed into the Yagna site.

The village Gadakuntunia has transformed into a pilgrimage a thousands of devotees are rushing to the site to offer prayer and puja after the Daru located near the temple and river was selected for the idol of Lord Sudarshan.

The Shree Jagannath temple administration has been taking care of all the security and protection of the Daru after the Banajaga team informed the administration about the Daru on April 11 night.

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