Rahul Gandhi back to Home from Vacation


New Delhi, April 16: Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi has finally come back to home this morning from his over a month long vacation. His mother Sonia Gandhi met him at his residence.

Following his return, the Congress party will be seen on action to corner the government on many issues including land bill. Rahul will address the mega farmers rally on April 19 in the national capital. Tomorrow, he may hold a meeting with party people to discuss the further strategies against the government.

Rahul was on leave since the Budget session of Parliament and during the period his absence was criticised by all the political parties. He returned to Delhi from an undisclosed location.

Earlier, report suggested that Rahul was in Myanmar, Thailand, Europe, Bhutan and Uttarakhand. However, Congress did not reveal the location where the Gandhi scion was spending his vacation.

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