PM Modi wows Indian Diaspora in Toronto

Toronto, April 16: Prime Minister Narendra Modi was once again emerged as the most popular leader overseas and ruled the hearts of NRIs. This was proved when he received the heartiest welcome by the Indian Diaspora in Canada and thousands of his fans shouted the slogan "Modi Modi Modi...".

Speaking to the cheering crowd in Toronto yesterday, Modi said that the ties between Canada and India would benefit India in a great manner after the country inked the $254 mn five-year deal with Canada on uranium supply. As per the agreement, Canada will supply uranium to India for nuclear energy.

India needs nuclear energy for the development. This will be given by Canada.

Addressing the gathering, Modi said that there has been a drastic change during one year after his government comes to power. Now India has changed from Scam India to skill India. Hitting out at the Congress and its alliances, he said that the dirty mind never wants development and growth of the nation, rather throws mud and make the nation dirty. But he is on a mission to clean it up.

Today's youth wants job, employment, technology and for this skill is required and that should be developed. The development is the only key to all the problems that India is facing now.

Earlier, India was known as scam India, but now he wants to make it skill India. By 2030 only India will provide the highest manpower to the world who will have skill.

He said that he had a good rapport with Canada when he was the chief minister of Gujarat. It takes just 20-24 hours to come to Canada, but it took 42 years for the Indian PM to come to the nation.

He hoped that the association with Canada will be long and both countries will have benefits from the deal. He impressed the Indian community saying. "Modi is not the cause Indians made mark here, but this the Indians made mark here", adding the honour he received from them in Canada was not for him, but for the 125 crore Indians he represented.

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