Rahul Gandhi slams BJP Govt in Lok Sabha over Land Bill


New Delhi, April 20: The second session of the Parliament was a stormy affair after it began today with Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi attacking the BJP government over the farmers' issue and the controversial land bill.

This was first speech in the House after Lok Sabha debacle. For the first time Rahul, who came back to home after 57-day of sabbatical, looked aggressive and slammed the government over several issues saying Modi government is anti-poor, anti-farmer and pro-corporate.

Speaking in the House, Rahul said, "it was 20% each year, the "Acche Din" govt has given only an increase of 5%". The achche din govt has failed the people on minimum support price and agriculture credit.

Comparing the present government with the UPA government, he said "in our time agriculture grew, average increase in crore. Green revolution happened because farmers were given abundant credit and were given an MSP to sell his crop. The Agricultural growth rate was 4.2 % while during 'India Shining' govt it was just 2.6%".

However, the current Modi government has raised the MSP of wheat by 10% only.

He suggested the PM should go and visit those areas where people and farmers are in pain, living in poverty. "Your government is a government of the rich and the corporates. It is the government of the suit and boot", he said, referring the 10 lakh suit Modi wore during the visit of US President to India.

There was huge uproar during Rahul Gandhi's speech in the House.

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