45 Athletes selected for TOP Scheme


New Delhi, April 21: The Sports Ministry has identified 45 athletes as potential medal winners for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

All the athletes from six disciplines will be included into the Target Olympic Podium Scheme, also known as TOP.

A media release by the ministry said that the 45 athletes were chosen from sporting disciplines, athletics, badminton, boxing, shooting, wrestling, and sailing. Out of these 45 athletes, 37 have sent their consent and 23 have signed the agreement and 18 have given their programs and request for preparation for the 2016 Olympics.

Around 30 more athletes are to be identifies from archery and athletics. The total estimated budget for supporting the 75 athletes for the TOP scheme is around Rs 40-45 crore.

The sports ministry has already sanctioned amount of Rs 1 crore for six athletes including Vikas Gowda, AbhinavBindra, Heena Sidhu, Manavjit Singh Sandhu, Aishwarya and Varsha.


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