Kejriwal calls Modi Govt Anti-Farmer

New Delhi, April 22: AAP chief and Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday hit out at the BJP government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and called it an anti-farmer.

Addressing a rally at Jantar Mantar during horrific scene that a man attempted suicide out of frustration and disappointment due to huge crop loss, Kejriwal said that the present scene suggested what is the reaction of the farmer against the central government.

The farmers have faith in BJP and Modi, but now the trust was broken after the government brought land acquisition ordinance. The suicide attempt of a man, who was later declared dead at the hospital, is a clear example that the farmers of this country have realised that the government is pro-rich and anti-poor.

He suggested the Modi government to implement the Swaminathan report. Farmers sell their land because they do not get profit from the crop. But this does not mean that their land will be snatched from them by force.

The land ordinance says that the land can be acquired without the consent of farmers whose only source is the land.

He said that his party demands three things - consent of farmers for taking land, implementation of Swaminathan report and proper compensation for the crop loss.

He questioned the need for bringing such ordinance. "What was the urgency and emergency behind bringing this Land Ordinance? Was it aimed at helping super-rich?" he asked at the rally.

Later, he rushed to the hospital after the report came that the man who attempted suicide died.