Shagadi of Lord Sudarshan Daru on Way to Puri


Bhubaneswar, April 22: The wooded Shagadi (made of banyan tree) carrying the Daru of Lord Sudarshan is on the way to Koili Baikuntha, Puri. The daitas and servitors are taking the Shagadi with care.

The locals on the way are offering prayers to the Daru and Shagadi. The entire atmosphere transformed into religious with the slogans "jay jagannath", "Hari Bol" and kirtan.

On the second day of the journey to Puri, the Shagadi is being taken with much courage. On April 24, the Shagadi will reach Puri.

Yesterday, the journey started from Gadakhuntuni village, under Balakati block towards Puri. The Banajaga team halted at a mutt in Pipili at night and in the morning they resumed the journey.

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