Rituals for Lord Balabhadra Daru in Jhankada begins


Kanakpur, April 23: The Banajaga team began the process to cut down the Lord Balabhadra Daru located at the premises of Maa Sarala pitha in Jhankada. The rituals began with Maha snana of the Daru yesterday. The Yagna will commence this afternoon.

Thousands of devotees witnessed the Maha Snana yesterday followed by rituals Bhumi Puja, Pancha Karma, Daru Puja, and offering of Agyan Mala from Puri Jagannath temple yesterday.

Today, the Banakaja Yagna will start. This is the part of rituals before cutting the tree. This will continue for three days. Vidyapati and Viswabasu in the Banajaga team will remain on fast till the Purnahuti.

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