Devotees rush to Adhangagada for Devi Subhadara Daru Darshan


Jagatsinghpur, April 25: Thousands of devotees rushed to Adhangagada in Jagatsinghpur district to have darshan of Devi Subhadra Mahadaru. The place turned religious with Hari Bol, kirtan and prayers offered by the villagers whose emotions are now out of control and feeling blessed to have Daru of Subhadara at their village.

On Thursday night, the servitor of Devi Subhadra informed about the location of Subhadra Daru to the temple administration. Entire Jagatsinghpur district is now feeling blessed as this is the second daru identified in the district after the daru of lord Balabhadra, whose daru was found in front of Maa Sarala temple at Jhankada, Kanakpur.

Yesterday night, the daru of lord Balabhadra fell to ground after three-day rituals and yagna purnahuti.

The temple administration rushed to Adhangagada where Devi Subhadra daru was located and barricaded the area. The daru is located at the premises of Nilakantheswar temple.

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