Earthquake Aftershocks in Nepal: Death Toll climbs to 3218


Kathmandu, April 27: The earthquake aftershocks devastated the entire Nepal taking the death toll to over 3218. With the rain and continuous tremors, humans are struggling to survive losing their family, relatives, friends and properties.

The quake aftershocks have created panic among the citizens and tourists. They are spending days and nights beneath the sky and the torture of Nature did not stop here, the rain after the quake added salt to their pain.

Neither can they get into the houses that have been completely collapsed or damaged, nor can they stay on open ground in the rain. People are seen crying with wounded and fractured bones and severe traumas. The situation is horrifying and nobody can stop their emotions.

The number of deaths could rise further as hundreds and thousands are trapped under the debris. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other countries have extended their helping hands to Nepalese.

Indians, who were trapped in the disaster, have been evacuated and were being brought back to their homes through aircrafts in phases. Official data said that over 1900 Indians have been evacuated so far from the quake-hit Nepal by Indian Air Force.

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