Rahul visits Punjab by Train to meet Farmers

New Delhi, April 28: Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi wants to take on Prime Minister Narendra Modi by taking the farmers by his side. Therefore, he visited Punjab by train in general compartment to meet farmers.

Rahul will take stock of situation in the grain markets where farmers are facing difficulties to sell food grains after their crops were damaged due to unseasonal rains.

There are allegations that the government pays least attention on the farmers' issues and the procurement of wheat and other crops from the farmers is less.

However, his intention is to bat for the land bill prepared by the UPA II government and meeting with the farmers will put pressure on the government.

He said that it is absolutely wrong to snatch the land from the farmers and given it to the industrialist.

"I am going to see the situation there. I am being told that the situation has worsened. So I am going to see that personally in Punjab. The issue of Land Bill will heighten as it is a Central issue. I have even said it in my speech that lands of those people are taken away who provide food to the nation. It is wrong and we will counter that, said Rahul just before he boarded the train to Punjab.