AAP under Attack over Forged Law Degree of Law Minister

New Delhi, April 28: The ruling AAP came under attack by BJP and Congress over the alleged forged education degree of law minister Jitender Singh Tomar. The trouble for the minister began after the High Court on Monday told about his law certificate.

The court said that there is no record on his law degree which suggested that he had produced fake law certificate.

Congress demanded resignation of Tomar for producing forged documents. BJP also slammed the AAP for having fake law degree.

"It is unfortunate that the law minister in AAP is holding a fake law degree. The party had said that they will usher in a new political culture  but we are seeing in three months’ time their own party members are alleging and going away from the party on question of internal democracy, on question of internal Lok Pal. The party which was formed on the basis of Lok Pal dismisses their own internal Lok Pal even before the tenure is over", said Congress leader Ajay Maken.

Tomar will respond to the court soon over the allegations.

Earlier, Somnath Bharti was the law minister during AAP's 49-day tenure. He had to face criticism for his midnight operation at South Delhi area against Nigerian women.