Daru of Lord Balabhadra reaches Puri, taken to Kolili Baikuntha


Puri, May 05: The daru of Lord Balabhadra reached Puri and the servitors took it to the Koili Baikuntha in the temple for the idol.

Thousands of devotees gathered in front of the North gate of the temple through which the Daru went into the temple, to witness the daru and offer prayers.

The emotions are beyond expression, says a devotee while seeing the daru.

On the other hand, the preparation is over for bringing the Daru of Devi Subhadra from Adhangagada to Puri. The devotees are eagerly waiting to pull the Sagadi. The same atmosphere is seen in Raghunathpur village where the daru of Lord Jagannath has been identified.

The yagna and rituals will be performed shortly for the cutting of Daru there.

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