India beat Japan 2-0 in 2nd Match of Indo-Japan Series


Bhubaneswar, May 06: After settling for a 1-1 draw in the first match of the Indo-Japan series, India confidently defeated Japan 2-0 in the second match.

Both the teams showcased a fast paced game from the beginning and came out all attacking. After disappointment in the first match with a draw, India looked strong where Sardar Singh and his boys were seen in full throttle to strengthen their defence line and create an initial opening in the match.

The first quarter of the game went goalless. In the second quarter, both the teams were seen playing defensively waiting for the right moment to net the ball.

India took the early lead in the game when Yuvraj Walmiki gave a fine pass to Uthappa who struck a beautiful field goal in the 27th minute.

The Japanese were a little restless after India displayed lovely moves and interceptions. However, the third quarter remained goalless. The fourth and the last quarter saw Indian in an attacking mode. It was Dharamvir, who attacked the Japanese defence in the 48th minute, who gave India a 2-0 lead. The scoreboard showed a final score of 2-0 at the blow of the final whistle.

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