Daru of Devi Subhadra on Way to Puri, Yagna for Lord Jagannath Daru on Friday


Bhubaneswar, May 07: While the daru of Devi Subhadra left Adhangagada and headed for Puri yesterday on a sagadi, the yagna for cutting of Lord Jagannath daru will begin on Friday at Kharipadia.

Huge crowds were seen at Kharipadia where the daru for Lord Jagannath has been identified. The entire atmosphere has been transformed into sacrosanct with bhajans, kirtans, prayers, sounds of counch, and mridangas.

The rituals will begin today with bhoomisodhan, pujan, mahasnan, ankuraropan, surya puja etc before the maha yagna for the daru cutting.

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