VK Singh flags off Relief Material to Nepal


New Delhi, May 09: Minister of State for External Affairs VK Singh, while flagging off relief material to Nepal said that India would always help its immediate neighbour.

"Nepal is a neighbouring country. We have a historic, cultural and personal relation with Nepal. So whatever we do for them will be less. It is good that everyone is coming forward to help them during this crisis. Some helped through the government and some came to us. Nepal Embassy is also helping us in this relief program", Singh said. 

Talking about helicopter crash in Pakistan, in which ambassadors of Philippines and Norway and wives of the ambassadors of Malaysia and Indonesia were killed, MoS Singh has this to say.

"No one still now clearly knows what exactly has happened. It happened sometimes that Taliban falsely takes responsibilities of many incidents. Let the concerned government speak first and then we will talk on it. It is an unfortunate incident. We sympathise the death of foreign envoys", he said.

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