Digital Campaign for Nabakalebar launched


Bhubaneswar, May 15: Odisha chief minister Naveen Patnaik launched the digital campaign for the world famous Nabakalebar to make it an international event.

The government wants to make the event of Lord Jagannath online for which the decision has been taken to upload all the information, visuals and pictures of the Nabakalebar rituals on websites These will be available on mobile apps on Android, iOS and Windows platforms. This will be promoted on social media sites including facebook, twitter, YouTube and Google+.

The objective behind the campaign is to invite more tourists and to develop tourism sector in the state.

The website will have several categories like About Nabakalebara, Story of DaruBramha, Role of the Sevayats, Ongoing Rituals, About Sreekshetra, About the Trinity and Tourism and Culture, How to reach, Places to visit around Puri and in Odisha, Accommodation details, Nabakalebara news, Twitter Speaks, videos and photos and information of health and safety, parking places and local travel etc.

The mobile apps will feature Factoids, Schedule, Maps – Online and Offline, Helpline, Utilities such as banks, police stations, Hospitals etc. tourist spots, videos, books, gallery, recent news etc.

Similarly, the social media will cover the news events related to Nabakalebar, interesting facts about the event and Puri Jagannath temple, information of Odisha tourism and other information.

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