Too many news sources lead to misinformation, says Vice President


New Delhi, May 16: At a time when accuracy and integrity of media is being put under the scanner by not just AAP but other political leaders as well, Vice President Hamid Ansari said too much information from too many sources has led to wrong information being circulated.

Ansari said the in the race of being the first to deliver, not enough time is devoted in checking the facts leading to loss of credibility and misreporting.

"Media job, whether it is government or private, their job is to give right information to public. Technology has made the job of media both easy and difficult. There was a time when there was tolerance in mood of public. In today’s world tolerance has gone down as everybody thinks that they have all the information in the world. They can access through their laptops and google. No one thinks that where the information has come from. Who has given it? The chances of misinformation have increased", Ansari said.


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