Rape Victim Aruna Shanbaug dies after 42-year in Coma


Mumbai, May 18: Aruna Shanbaug, who was in coma for 42 years after she was brutally raped in 1973, died today at KEM hospital in Mumbai.

The victim was on ventilator support in ICU of the hospital after her condition deteriorated. Aruna, 67, was feeling difficulty in breathing and later she closed her eyes forever.

The doctor confirmed her death this morning.

Aruna was a staff nurse at the KEM Hospital, where she was raped by her staff, who was working as a sweeper on Nov 27, 1973. She received the highest humiliation. She was tied up with a dog chain around her neck and hand. The accused raped her brutally even though finding her menstruating.

He brain was damaged and found unconscious stage. Following the incident, her family cut off all the ties with her. She was admitted to the hospital where the nurses were taking care of her.

Her mercy killing petition filed by author Pinki Virani was rejected by the Supreme Court in March 2011.

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