No Sourness in Ties between Bureaucrats and Ministers: Manish Sisodia


New Delhi, May 21: Delhi deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia clarified that there is no sourness between the bureaucrats and the ministers in Delhi, rather the relation is very cordial and constructive.

Talking to media today, Sisodia said that people are upset because the Delhi government took the power of transfer and posting of the officials into its hand.

"It is very interesting that we stopped the transfer postings, which had become the industry in Delhi. We posted honest officers according to their abilities because of this people are opposing us. People were used to earn crores through transfer postings and we stopped that thing that is why people are affecting and opposing us", he said.

"We are very confident that we are doing our work according to the constitution. We are only using our rights and nothing else", he said.

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