Bollywood singers rejoice Triumph of Carvaan-e-Ghazal


Mumbai, May 28: Renowned Bollywood singers came together to celebrate the completion of 75 episodes of Radio's most loved show "Carvaan-e-Ghazal" along with host of the show Talat Aziz. Sonu Nigam joined Ghazal singer to mark the landmark achievement of the show. All of them together hosted another show of Ghazals.

Sonu Nigam said now these days, music listeners have narrowed down their arena. Celebrated singer said he grew up listening to are Ghazal maestro Ustaad Ghulam Ali, Talat Aziz and Pankaj Udhas. Famous radio show "Carvaan-e-Ghazal" has provided enriching content to listeners and some beautiful melodies in the form of Ghazal, Qawwalis and Sufi music.

"The people who are deprived of Ghazal are really unfortunate. Anyway, now-a-days the arena of music listeners has narrowed. Thankfully I have heard different kinds of music, may be because of the generation and environment", Sonu Nigam said.

"Ghazal is such an art form which cannot be cultured by anyone and everyone. Even though, I am a singer and I can understand Ghazal quite well, if I am asked to sing a Ghazal, I cannot do so. You have to be in a state of mind for ever to sing Ghazal, it has a attitude of its own", Sonu NIgam

Host of the show Talat Aziz is not just a ghazal specialist, but also an institution of knowledge with a career spanning more than three decades and performances across the world. The show won the Excellence in Radio Award for the Best Non-Breakfast Show at India Radio Forum 2014.

"Carvaan-e-Ghazal has become a platform for alternate music", said Talat Aziz.


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