Gandhi family made Futile Bids to stop RSS: Ram Madhav

New Delhi, May 29: After Rahul Gandhi's attack on the RSS and Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a NSUI event last evening, RSS shot back saying the Congress leader's utterances expose his "frustration" and "ignorance" about the organisation.BJP also attacked the Congress vice president for his utterances against RSS, saying he is pandering to the media to keep himself relevant.

BJP leader Ram Madhav said that Rahul Gandhi's father, grandmother and great-grandfather could not stop the growth of RSS ideology. Madhav tweeted-

"RSS kivichardharakoroknahoga- Rahul'; Great grandpa tried it; grandma tried; papa too. 4 generations of futile hatred. RSS grew. Cong?"

Manmohan Vaidya, the all-India communications head of the RSS tweeted-"Rahul Gandhi's utterances about RSS exposes his frustration and ignorance about RSS".

Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu said "there is nothing to learn from him (Rahul) and he should first learn himself. Making such cheap comments on this government would not be appropriate."