Shiv Sena attacks Rahul over Suit-Boot Remark

Mumbai, June 01: Firing a fresh salvo against Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, who called the Modi government a "Suit-Boot ki Sarkar", the Shiv Sena, in its mouthpiece "Saamna", said if Rahul has clothing issues then he should wear a langot, tie a knot in it and come in front of India Gate to build an ideal nation.

The Saamna said, even as Rahul has started moving around and interacting with people, he will not be able to survive the Narendra Modi wave.In a hard hitting statement, the Sena said, even 100 Rahul Gandhi cannot survive against Modi. The editorial, however, conceded that the advent of Rahul Gandhi in an aggressive manner has infused some interest in the otherwise dull condition of Indian politics.

Riding on the ‘Suitcase government better than Suit Boot government comment by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Saamna accused the Congress party of indulging in "suitcase politics" for long. It added that the politics of suitcase was at its peak under the tenure of former PM Manmohan Singh.