Kerala stops Maggi Supply, Delhi Govt to initiate case on Nestle


New Delhi, June 3: The Centre is awaiting the results of tests on samples of Maggi noodles from across the country after samples from Uttar Pradesh were allegedly found contaminated with lead and had excess of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG).

The Delhi government has decided to initiate a case against Nestle India after preliminary tests found samples of Maggi noodles "unsafe" for consumption. The government added Nestle officials would be summoned in the next few days and a decision on a ban would be taken after the final lab report was filed.

The Kerala government has decided to temporarily stop distribution of Maggi noodles from over 1,000 state-run retail outlets. At least 20,000 bakeries in the state have also decided not to sell any brand of noodles from today.

In Bengal, samples of several packaged food items and beverages are being sent for analysis by a central agency.

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