Hitler Ice Cream draws Flak


Meerut, June 6: Photographs of an ice-cream cone manufactured in Uttar Pradesh and named "Hitler" have been doing the rounds on social media, with the brand drawing severe flak from across the world.

Neeraj Kumar, the owner of Meerut-based MVF products, which manufactured the cones, said that the cones were named after an uncle, who was nicknamed "Hitler" because of his quick temper.

"The situation of family was like that in which we used to tease some family members by calling them as Hitler. His name was Keshav and we made the cones in the name of Keshav Hitler. We made it for one year and after that we stopped it. There is no reason behind it. Children eat it so we keep changing the name. Sometimes we name it Chacha Chaudhary also", said Neeraj Kumar, Ice Cream Cones Trader.  

"I do not know anything about Hitler. If anyone is hurt by the Hitler cones then I apologise to them", he said.

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