Transfer of Brahma to take place tonight


Puri, June 15: The transfer of Brahma padartha (life substance), the much awaited ritual of the Nabakalebar of three Lords at the shrine will take place tonight. The new wooden idols will be placed on the Ratna Bedi (jewel throne) after the Brahma transfer and the idols will be buried inside Koili Baikunth.

This is most important ritual of the mega festival of Lord Jagannath. The devotees and entire Banajag team including the Badagrahis (body protectors of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, Sudarshan and Devi Subhdra have been waiting for the moment. The Badagrahi of the Lords will transfer the Brahma from old wooden idols and place them in the new idols.

This will be done following certain rituals. The Brahma transfer rituals will take place in late night. During the ritual, the temple and its premises will be blacked out. The Singhadwar of the temple will be guarded by the Tadau Karana and Deula Karana. 

Gajapati King Dibya Singh Dev will offer purnahuti at the yagna that will be held inside the Koili Baikuntha.

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