Brahma transferred to new carved idols in Puri


Puri, June 16: The long waiting is over for the brahma parivartan of Trinity as the most important ritual was held at Lord Jagannath temple this morning.

For the first time, the ritual was delayed for around 8 hours. The hard and the vital task was held by four badagrahis (protectors of Lords' bodies) with customary process. It was scheduled to be done on midnight of Monday.

Gajapati Divya Singh Dev offered the purnahuti late night following the Mahayagna held before the Brahma parivartan.

Thousands of devotees had gathered and were chanting mantras sitting on the Grand Road seeking blessing of the deities during the process.

When the news was last reported the process was underway for the burial of old idols of Trinity at Koili Baikuntha.

This is the painful moment for the devotees whose lords will be buried in the soil. At the same time, it is the precious moment to know that the Lords are not away from them and formed in new idols and they will have darshan after one month.

The servitors broke down into tears to witness their old idols with whom they had attachment for 19 years will be buried. The Daitapatis will perform the rituals of dasah for the old idols as the family members of Lords.

The trayadasah mohatsav (13th day of burial of Lords) will take place on June 27 and Mahaprasad will be offered to around 3 lakh devotees on that occasion on Grand Road.

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