Minister releases Book ahead of Yoga Day


New Delhi, June 18: Days before the International Yoga Day, which is being planned to be celebrated on a grand scale on June 21, Minister of state for Ayush, Shripad Naik, released a book titled "Yoga aur Islam" to curtail all controversies over Yoga being related to Hindu religion.

"Yoga does not belong to any culture or caste. Yoga doesthe work of connecting people. Yoga links caste, culture, society and everything. We do yoga for ourselves. We can take it further also", Naik said.  

"As you say, we will start yoga in schools soon. But apart from this after the discussion in committee we will prepare a road map and aware people about yoga. We will go home to home and aware people. On the occasion of 21st June yoga day, every ministry, about five-six ministries are supporting us like HRD ministry, Home ministry, Defence ministry, Sports, culture and tourism ministry, Ayush  etc. So every ministry officers is supporting us", he said.

"Yoga day preparation is going very well. As per schedule preparations are going on. Two days before the day all preparation will be done for sure. We were expecting 30-40,000 people but we are really shocked that more and more people are asking about the passes that we want to do yoga on this day as we are trained. We will double our security and preparations. I am confident that yoga day will be successful which is going to be held on Rajpath", he said.  

Before this Naik had made it clear that doing Yoga is not mandatory for all on world Yoga Day. He had also said, Yoga is not un-Islamic and Muslims can chant the name of Allah if not Om while doing Yoga.


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