Pakistan heat-wave toll crosses 800


Karachi, June 24: The scorching temperatures killed at least 800 people in Pakistan, said a CNN report.

According to the report, published in the web edition of CNN, At least 650 bodies have been brought here since Saturday. Many lie in storage. But an oppressive heat wave -- and the frequent power outages from electricity grids trying to keep up with demand -- means the morgue is unable to properly maintain the temperature at the overcrowded facility.

Ambulance after ambulance arrives at Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center in Karachi with a steady stream of victims suffering from dehydration and heat exhaustion, the report said adding, over the past four days, between 7,000 and 8,000 people have been treated in that hospital alone, the majority suffering from heat stroke, said Seemi Jamali, a senior official at the medical center.

As the citizens in this predominantly Muslim country are observing Ramadan and the faithful fast from sunup until sundown, this is believed to have added to the stress of people.

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