Nayagarh PIO arrested for taking bribe

Nayagrah , June 25: Public Information Officer (PIO) Pramod Kumar Mati of Nayagarh district education office was arrested by Vigilance police Wednesday for allegedly taking bribe for proving information under the RTI Act .

According to sources, Mati demanded Rs 3,000 as bribe when Prafulla Kumar Sahu, an activist of Nandighor village, filed an application seeking photocopies of an Orissa High Court order regarding change of name of Nandighora Girls High School to Gangadhar Girls High School.

Sahu had given Rs 1, 500 for this but the accused did not provide the documents following which Sahu lodged a complaint with Khurdha vigilance Police.

The vigilance officials arrested Pramod Kumar Mati and raided his office and residence by seizing cash worth Rs.11, 000, a car and a bike.