Minor girls sold by parents, police begins search

Sambalpur, June 29: Two minor girls from Odisha were allegedly sold by their parents to two persons in Madhya Pradesh, following which a police team has been sent to the state to trace the girls.

A four-member police team has been sent to Madhya Pradesh to investigate into the allegation made by the elder sister and brother of the two girls, aged 12 and 13, sub- divisional police officer (SDPO) Utakala Keshari Dash said.

Pushpa Saha (20), who is married, and her younger brother Sanatan Naik have alleged that their parents had sold their two minor sisters in Madhya Pradesh. They also lodged a complaint in town police station here yesterday.

In their complaint, Puspa and Sanatan alleged that their poverty-ridden father Manbhola Naik (45) and mother Prabhasini Naik (40) of Modipara in Sambalpur city sold their sisters at Pathria in Madhya Pradesh.

They also alleged that a woman of Modipara area mediated in the selling of their siblings.

Sanatan claimed him along with his parents and two minor sisters had gone Pathria in Domoh area of Madhya Pradesh a few days ago. He was told that his sisters would get married there, he claimed in the complaint.

"But I did not see any marriage ceremony there. My parents gave one of my two minor sisters to one person and got Rs 20,000 from him. Later they went to another place and gave my other sister to another person," alleged Sanatan. He also said that his parents thrashed him when he opposed them.

After returning here, Sanatan narrated everything to his elder sister, Pushpa and his paternal aunt Hemalata Sani.

Later they met the members of an organisation - Paschim Odisha Nari Adhikar Surakshya Mancha and lodged a complaint in the town police station with their help.

Sanatans father Manbhola Naik, however, refuted the allegation and said he had got his daughters married.

Manbhola Naik has also gone to Madhya Pradesh with the police team, the SDPO said.