Auto driver's Son clears IIT-JEE but has no money to pay the fee

Agra,July 2: Fighting all odds, Ashish Sharma - the son of an auto rickshaw driver - has become an inspiration for all by clearing the prestigious IIT entrance exam. 

However, the boy from Agra may not to be able to join the institute due to financial constraints.

While he is delighted over the feat, he also adds that it is very difficult for him to manage the fees as his father earns merely Rs 500-600 rupees a day.

"Very difficult for my father to pay the fees as they have increased. Even if I apply for loan, I still have to pay the fees for the first semester,which I won't be able to manage," he laments.

This comes soon after the government offered help to a Jammu and Kashmir boy Zaman Ishtiyaq Bhat, who cracked the IIT entrance exam but was unable to pay the fees as he had had lost his father in a terror attack. The HRD Ministry, Home Ministry as well as the Army had offered financial aid to Bhat after the case came to light.

This year around 13 lakh students appeared in IIT prelims test out of which 1.5 lakh qualified for mains.