Sona Mohapatra and Rituraj Mohanty's 'Rangabati' video reaches Youtube


Mumbai, July 4: Sona Mohapatra , Rituraj Mohanty and Music producer Ram Sampath's Rangabati' and 'Vande Utkal Janani' video  has reached the social media streaming website Youtube and is gaining views every second.

Popular Odisha music Rangabati was performed by famous singer Sona Mohapatra, Rituraj Mohanty at Coke studio.

Sona and Rituraj has created a magic in Rangabati and Vande Utkal Janani song fusion.This video has captured the attention of millions of people on Youtube.

At Coke Studio, Singer Sona Mahapatra and Rituraj Mohanty gave a beautiful performance, which grabbed the audience attention in no time and people watching the video can’t move their eyes.

Tamil rap by Rajesh and Tony has made the composition more interesting. Rangabati is a very popular traditional song by Mitrabhanu Guintia.

Rangabati song was originally recorded in mid-1970, sung by Jitendra and Krishna Patel. The additional lyrics were by Mitrabhanu Guintia and original music by Prabhudatta Pradhan.

Meanwhile,some people feel unhappy because Rangabati'  and ' Vande Utkal Janani, song presented in rap sequence.

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