PM Modi to visit Russia and central Asia next week


New Delhi, July 4: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Russia and five central Asian countries Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan early next week. 

He will see energy security high on the agenda and talks on the North-South connectivity corridor that will give India access to the resource-rich region.

Modi, who is arriving in capital Astana on 7th July will meet his Kazakh counterpart on the 8th and hold talks on issues concerning common interest including energy cooperation, uranium mining and counter-terrorism.

On the other hand, Kazakhstan which has the 2nd largest world's uranium reserves is positive in re-engagement with India on energy trade.

Earlier, India has imported some over 8 hundred tonnes of uranium including 300 tonnes of natural uranium from Kazakh nuclear company KazAtomProm.

Prime Minister’s forthcoming visit will coincide with the first drilling for oil in the Satpayev block in the North Caspian Sea, in which Indian company ONGC has 25 per cent stake.

His visit would boost in kicking off the multi-nodal North South Transport Corridor project which aims to connect Mumbai with St. Petersburg in Russia, while touching Iran’s Bandar Abbas port. 

The five central Asian countries are also looking for Iran’s Chabahar port to be upgraded fast by India and made operational, so that connectivity to their region could be boosted.

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