Villagers protesting over Kosei River bridge, 24 injured

Anandpur, July 7: Violent clashes erupted at Belabahali in Anandpur after hundreds of villagers protesting a proposed bridge over River Kosei confronted police leaving 24 persons including policemen injured. According to sources, 12 protestors and 12 policemen were injured in the clash.

Notably, the villagers have been vehemently protesting the proposed bridge over River Kosei as a part of the expansion of NH 215. Villagers have been demanding the location of the bridge shifted and in this regard several rounds of discussions have also taken place between them and the administration. With no headway in sight, the villagers took to the streets again yesterday. This morning, while the villagers were preparing for the protest, clashes between the protestors and policemen erupted.

Irate protestors also torched a camp of a construction compamy Gayatri Construction. After reports of clashes, the SP rushed to the spot and 15 platoons of police force have been deployed.

According to authorities, as many as 100 protestors have been arrested and the situation is now under conrol. Notably, the BDO of Anandpur who was also injured in the clash has been shifted to the hospital.