Rath Yatra in Puri: Chariot fest of new idols started

The famous Rathyatra or chariot festival rituals of Puri started in time today, July 18, 2015.

This is the first chariot festival of the new idols after the Nabakalebar.

The pahandi of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra were held in time and the chariots started rolling at 3.30 PM.

While the chariot of Subhadra us called Devadalana, the chariot of Balabhadra and Jagannath are called Taladhwaja and Nandighosh respectively.

A glimpse of Lord Jagannath on the chariot is as good as seeing the lord in the incarnation of Bamana and thus is believed to be very auspicious.

For security and proper management, more than 200 CCTV cameras have been fitted across the city of Puri with an integrated surveillance control room near the Jagannath Temple.

However, this years Nabakalebara festival drew controversies and criticism from different quarters for the gross violation of tradition and age old rituals during Brahma parivartan. The controversy prompted Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik to depute four ministers and an army of bureaucrats to supervise the smooth functioning of the festival.

Lakhs of visitors joined the lords during their journey to SriGundicha temple.