China detains 4 for leaking military information to foreign spies


Beijing, July 25: Four employees of a Chinese military industry enterprise were arrested recently for leaking information about its products to foreign spies.

In a raid code-named 'Mine Sweeping', the national security agencies in southwestern province of Sichuan nabbed the suspects who have been accused of cooperating with overseas intelligence agencies.

They worked in the same enterprise but did not know one another, officials said.

The four suspects were recruited online by foreign spies through social media apps, they said.

One of the suspects, who was only identified by his last name Wen, got in contact with a person nicknamed H on QQ, an extremely popular instant messaging software service developed by the Chinese company Tencent.

H turned out to be a spy who wanted Wen to provide information about military products of the enterprises he worked with.

Wen has been accused of providing H with classified information such as the models of products and the volume of production each month.

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