Products That Should Never Touch Your Face

New Delhi,July 27: Even with all the great skin care products out there people still persist in trying to take shortcuts or find "miracle cures" for skin care issues.  In the process they put all sorts of products on their faces that have absolutely no business getting near their face at all.  With DIY tips everywhere on the internet it can be confusing to know what is ok to use on your face and what isn't.  
No, Toothpaste Is Not A Great Treatment For Your Pimples

Pimples are annoying and depressing especially when a large one seems to pop up overnight, taking over your chin or your forehead.  We all want quick solutions when it comes to breakouts.  I don't know how the idea started that applying toothpaste to a pimple is a good idea, but let me be clear - it isn't a good idea.  

The idea to use toothpaste as a spot treatment is probably due to the fact that many types of toothpaste contains triclosan.

Triclosan is an antibacterial ingredient often added to personal care items like soap, deodorant, and body wash. Triclosan effectively kills bacteria. It is actually a common addition in acne treatment products, although as a preservative and not an active ingredient.

But toothpaste also contains ingredients that can irritate the skin, especially the delicate skin on the face. Using toothpaste on an already inflamed pimple can cause more redness and irritation. Many unfortunate souls say toothpaste burns really badly when applied to a zit, and leaves the skin feeling sore for days afterward. Bottom line: Toothpaste can make your pimple look worse instead of better.So keep that toothpaste in the bathroom far away from your face.

Your Body Soap or Lotion Doesn't Belong On Your Face

Many people are short on time and want to simplify their skin care routine.  A lot of people think that one way to save both time and money on skin care is to use the same products for their face and body.  Sorry to burst your time and money saving bubble, but you never want to do that!  

There are two reasons why this just doesn't work. The first reason is that the skin on our face and body are not the same, and the second reason is that products for our face and body are formulated differently and don't always contain ingredients that are compatible with the skin everywhere on our bodies.

The skin on our face, as opposed to the skin on our body, is continually exposed to the elements making it more vulnerable to damage from environmental factors and more sensitive. 

Your face is continually exposed to the sun while the rest of your body is probably mostly covered by clothes on a regular basis.

Our faces have a higher concentration of oil glands than the rest of our body (which explains why you breakout mostly on your face and not on your arms or legs for instance). This also explains why we may have oily skin on our faces and dry, flaky skin on our legs.  

For this reason body lotions and creams have heavier ingredients in them like petroleum jelly. Body lotions also contain fragrance a lot of the time.  For some people fragrance in facial skin care products can be extremely irritating.  Also heavier moisturizing ingredients can clog pores or simply just feel too heavy on the face.

Basically the same logic applies to body soap as well.  Body soap is formulated for skin that isn't as delicate as the skin on your face.  Using soap meant for your body on your face can dry out the skin on your face and cause irritation.

A Few More Things To Avoid Putting On Your Face

There are a few more products that you should avoid getting on your face:hair products can clog pores or in the case of hair spray dry out your skin.

lemon juice is simply too acidic to apply to your face . Applying lemon juice to your face can cause irritation and even burns.

Vegetable shortening will clog your pores.  Keep that ingredient in the kitchen for your pie crusts.