Those who sought leniency for Yakub are nation's enemies: Sena


Mumbai, July 31: Lashing out at those who sought leniency for Yakub Memon, the Shiv Sena today demanded they should be "tried for being enemies of the country" and also asked the government to ensure that the 1993 serial blasts convict does not become a martyr in the eyes of people.

The souls of all those affected by the 1993 bombings will be at peace only when its main conspirators and mastermind Tiger Memon and Dawood Ibrahim are brought back to the country and sent to the gallows, the Sena said.

"Around 50 people had written letters asking for mercy to be shown towards Yakub Memon. These people had not lost anyone in the Mumbai attacks and were thus pleading for leniency.

But, the President and the Supreme Court did not listen to them and dismissed their petitions keeping the sentiments of the country in mind," the Sena said.

"All those who asked for mercy to be shown towards Memon should be tried for being enemies of the country," it asserted.

"Memon has been hanged, and now government should take firm steps to ensure that no efforts are made to project him as innocent or martyr before the people," the Sena demanded.

The Mumbai serial blasts was an attack on the country by Pakistan, the Sena said and added that the neighbouring country has long been planning terror strikes against India.

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