Yoga can improve your cognitive skills in adulthood !

New Delhi,August 3:Researchers found that yoga could improve your cognitive skills in adulthood period.You may have attempted this during childhood but climbing a tree and balancing on a beam along with yoga exercises can dramatically improve your memory.

By doing activities that make us think, we can exercise our brains as well as our bodies, they said.

"By taking a break to do activities that are unpredictable and require us to consciously adapt our movements, we can boost our working memory to perform better in the classroom and the boardroom," said researchers.

The results suggest that working memory improvements can be made in just a couple of hours of these physical exercises.

"Improving working memory can have a beneficial effect on so many areas in our life. It is exciting to see that 'proprioceptive dynamic activities' can enhance it in such a short period of time."

For the study, researchers recruited adults ages 18 to 59 and tested their working memory. Proprioception, the awareness of body positioning and orientation, is associated with working memory.