Ganga,Jamuna wells water to use for cooking of Mahaprasad


Bhubaneswar,August 4: Water from Ganga and Jamuna wells will be used for cooking of Mahaprasad for the presiding deities of Shree Jagannath temple in Odisha's holy town Puri.

"In case of additional requirement of water for cooking of Mahaprasad, water from the well at the Shree Mandir upabana will be used. Water availability to determine the Mahaprasad quantity" said 

Suresh Chandra Mohapatra chief administrator of Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA). 

He told to reporters after a meeting with the contending parties Suara Mahasuara Niyog and Puja Panda Nijog on Monday.

Puja Panda servitors on Sunday had objected to the use of water drawn from the well at the Shrimandir upabana for cooking of the Lord Jagannath's Mahaprasad, since the well was not consecrated.

They said that since the well has not been consecrated, food prepared by using its water cannot be offered to the Lords as 'prasad'.

The holding up of the rosha homa ritual had led to a difficult situation which had to be resolved through a meeting between the office bearers of the Suara Mahasuara Nijog and Puja Panda Nijog.

After the meeting, office bearers of the Puja Panda Nijog told reporters that the chief administrator of the SJTA had called them for a meeting on Monday to discuss the issue. They had said 

"Mahaprasad" will continue to be cooked in accordance with tradition.

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