Get married if you want to quit alcohol!

New Delhi,August 6:Marriage can cause dramatic reduction in alcohol intake even among people with severe drinking problems.Tying the knot could be a key tool in helping combat alcoholism.

Alcohol-use disorders consistently shows problem drinking decreases as we age. It is called "maturing out," these changes generally begin during young adulthood and are partially caused by the roles we take on as we become adults.

According to the study,if a person's existing behavioural pattern is conflicting with the demands of a new role, such as marriage, one way to resolve the incompatibility is to change behaviour.This incompatibility may be greater for more severe drinkers, so they'll need to make greater changes to their drinking to meet the role demands of marriage."

The study said how the drinking rates of the participants changed as they aged from age 18 to 40, and how this change was affected by whether or not participants got married.

About 50 percent of the participants included in the study of familial alcoholism were children of alcoholics.