Lawyers' protests against cop brutality in Sarathi scandal


Bhubaneswar,August 10:Lawyers across the state including the High Court today protested against inhuman police brutality over Sarathi scandal at Kendrapara on 7 August in which a lawyer of the district was beaten and made to do sit-ups on the road by the police.

Earlier day,the agitated lawyers demanding suspension and arrest of the Kendrapara SP Satish Gajbaye, who incidentally had been shunted out of the district within hours of the mob versus police
battle on 7 August.

A team of lawyers from the High Court go on a fact-finding mission to Kendrapara on Monday.

Transfer of the SP is not the answer, anyone who violates the law and assaults people without following due procedure like public announcement declaring an assembly unlawful or issuing a warning before use of force should be dealt in accordance to law, said advocates.

The SP needs to be suspended and a case instituted against him,they said.

Meanwhile,the BJP and the Congress have also demanded the arrest of the SP and protested against the police brutality today over of the godman Sarathi case related to chit fund investments to the CBI and a court
monitored probe in to the other escapades of the godman, said BJP leaders.

Meanwhile a Facebook post by the SP had also become the talk of the town. The SP had not only defended his actions but has praised one particular local television channel while criticizing the rest. He had also commented on his transfer from Kendrapara.

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