Indian-born Sundar Pichai become Google's new CEO


New Delhi,August 11:Indian-born Sundar Pichai was named the new CEO of Google came in, 71-year-old Sanat Kumar Ray was pacing up and down in his residence at IIT-Kharagpur with happiness.

Forty three-year-old Pichai, who was born and brought up in Chennai,graduated from IIT-Kharagpur, where he did a BE in metallurgical engineering. He went on to do a masters from Stanford University 
and an MBA from Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

"In my 45-year-old career as a professor at IIT Kharagpur,I have seen many students who went on to become big names globally but Sundar is special. While others started getting world recognition after they turned fifty, Sundar has achieved the same at a very young age. No doubt I am happy and proud 
today," said Ray who taught Pichai at the premier institute.

He added that an alumnus like Pichai prove the fact that the IITs have indeed been contributing to the society's development.

Pichai's name was registered as P Sundarajan when he was at IIT-Kharagpur. He was a 1993 batch student of the department of metallurgical and materials engineering.

Pichai joined Google in 2004, the year the company launched Gmail,and has worked on some of the company's best-known products, from the Chrome browser to the Android mobile software.

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