Govt presents GST bill in Rajya Sabha as Cong protests


New Delhi,August 11:Finance minister Arun Jaitley today tabled the GST bill in Rajya Sabha as congress continued protest over GST bill.

Congress said it has not been able to accept the fact that someone else can also rule the country as the government efforts to push for the GST bill did not take off over Congress' refusal to allow a discussion in Rajya Sabha.

"Unfortunately, the Congress is in a self-destruct mode.But in the process it wants not only to disrupt India's Parliament but also create obstacles in the path of national
growth," the finance minister told to reporters outside Parliament.

He said the policies of the Congress were a liability on the economy of this country when it was in power and now it continues to be same when it is in the opposition.

"It stands today isolated with almost no political party supporting its disruptionist program," he said.

"We appeal to the Congress party to see reason and come on a path of cooperation particularly in relation to policies they themselves at one stage proclaimed."

He accused the Congress party of reneging on its promise on GST.

"The Congress mooted the proposal in 2006 and introduced GST in 2011, they failed to bring a consensus. In less than a year, Prime Minister Modi's NDA brought about a consensus," he said.

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