Sarathi's Eyewitness open the secrets over Sarathi Scandal

Bhubaneswar,August18:An eyewitness devotee of Sarathi opened the secrets over Sarathi scandal today.

A devotee of Kendrapara Barimula Ashram has opened the sex scandal secrets of Srimad Sarathi.

In the earlier days,all the hindu festivals of Lord Krishna was celebrated in Sarathi's Ashram at Kendrapara.Janmasthmi is the most prominent festival of the Ashram.Sarathi's devotee Kailash and Nandi had informed regarding the Bal Gopal attire of Sarathi to the devotees.Sarathi blackmails some beautiful woman devotees during this festival.

Previously,Odisha Crime Branch was seized 52 kg gold from Sarathi and raided the Ashram.