Two spillways to built at Hirakud Dam:Biswajeet Mohanty


Sambalpur,August21:Chief Engineer of Hirakud Dam, Biswajeet Mohanty said that the initial work on the two spillways to be built at the Hirakud dam to ease the load has begun. The survey work has already been conducted and examination of soil is being done.

The construction of spillways is being funded by the World Bank. These additional spillways are being constructed on both sides of the dam. According to sources, while one spillway is targeted to discharge 3 lakh cusecs of water per second, the other spillway has a targeted discharge of 4 lakh cusecs of water.

Additional spillway was recommended to be constructed for release of increased amount of floodwaters to ensure the dam's longevity. Taking note of the massive siltation and other related issues in the reservoir where cracks have appeared due to lack of proper maintenance, the dam authorities planned to construct more spillways.

While the dam earlier has the provision of gross discharge of 15 lakh cusecs of water, considering the present situation and future of the dam, provisions for release of expected 24 lakh cusecs of water has been planned.

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