Teachersí Day speech: PM Narendra Modi presents 10 power points

Newdelhi,Sep5:On the eve of Teachersí Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed 800 students and 60 teachers from various schools in New Delhi. he made a powerful presentation spotlighting points that can impact studentsí and teachersí lives in a powerful manner. Check out the 10 top points:
1. Mother gives birth to us, a teacher gives life to us, a void remains in our life when there is no balance.
2. A student represents his teacher, he is the canvas painted by his teacher. It is the only pair that distributes knowledge.
3. Teachers should write about students who left a mark on them, which would show their involvement with their students.
4. There should be clarity on why you want to be a leader Ė is it just to win elections, or to serve the people. A leadership quality needs to be developed to be a leader. When you establish that, people are affected, and you also want to work selflessly for others. Then, you donít need qualifications, people will make you leaders.
5. A teacher can never retire. Being a teacher is not like any other occupation. We have to stop becoming robots.
6. There is a great demand for good teachers in the world, and India being a young country should be able to produce good quality teachers for the world.
7. There is need to find out why the value of a teacher has lost its sheen and why students donít want to be teachers when they grow up.
8. People who have achieved something in life and taken to a profession such as doctors and engineers should teach students in a school for one period in a week.
9. Serving the nation does not only mean doing grand things; doing small things is a big service to the nation.
10. A teacher-student relationship must always be nurtured. Keep the child in you alive. Keep smiling and playing.

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