Power cut in Odisha,Govt blames Monsoon


Bhubaneswar, September 12: Adding to the misery of the people of Odisha witnessing power cut in routine since few days, the Power Minister,Pranab Prakash Das informed that the power cut will continue till June next year and blames the monsoon for the shortcomings.

"The State is facing a shortage of about 500 MW to 550 MW of electricity daily due to lack of sufficient water in reservoirs" the minister added.

Energy Secretary Suresh Chandra Mohapatra informed that electricity distribution companies will soon announce the time and duration of power cuts in their respective regions. Mohapatra pointed out that the water level in Indravati dam has fallen by 50 percent while it declined to 40 per cent in Balimela and Upper Kolab.

Odisha used to generate about 1,000 MW of power from hydro sector. While requirement of the State is about 3500 MW during normal period, it demanded at least 4,000 MW in the peak hours, Mohapatra said adding that the State faces shortage of about 500 MW of electricity every day. “In order to manage with the available electricity, we have to go for load shedding,” he said.

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