Workers trapped in tunnel since 9 days in Himachal Pradesh, rescue operation in its final stage


Himachal Pradesh, September 21: The rescue team managed to penetrate the roof of a tunnel and came close to evacuating two workers stuck in it for over 200 hours in Himachal Pradesh today, officials said.
"We have managed to drill a hole of about one foot at the roof of the tunnel. Now, we are trying to enlarge it so that our men can easily enter the tunnel to safely evacuate the workers," Jaideep Singh, commanding officer of the National Disaster Response Force, said.

He said the two trapped workers,Mani Ram and Satish Tomar, are in regular touch with the rescuers through a microphone linked with a webcam. They have been provided dry fruits and glucose.
However, the whereabouts of the third worker, Hirdya Ram, are not known yet.

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